Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jamestown - Scotland Ferry

While we were touring Jamestown, we noticed several ferries crossing the inlet. I looked it up today and found out it was FREE!!! We love FREE!!! But what was on the other side??? Well, we boarded the ferry - and the kids LOVED IT! Quite honestly it was very cool - there we were - truck and all. In fact, we could have brought "the beast" along if we wanted to!
On the other side is Surrey, VA. We noticed signs for Chippooke State Park (or Chipmonk as the kids insisted it was called), and followed them.

The park was awesome - with a petting zoo, farm museum, campground, visitors center and beach. We picnic'd on the cliff and then took a path down to the beach to play on the shore for a while.

It was a great surprise of a day and I hope to have many more days like this one!

I should also note that all this car time has led to many enlightening conversations with the kids. Dominic is adamant that he will remain single - but he has decided he would like to adopt a son. Several days later, he announced that he and his son would live in his Ford truck. I guess there is such a thing as a "gypsy gene". :)