Sunday, September 12, 2010

broken :-( Stuck in Chambersburg, PA

Well - we headed out of Lancaster this afternoon and started to make our way to Luray, VA. Our new GPS has quite a sense of humor and likes to take us the scenic route -no matter what we ask for. She's pretty fiesty - but she's much better than the old one who was so resentful of our fulltime lifestyle. That old one did not appreciate criss crossing the country and was only up for the occasional weekend trip.

We headed south merrily - but 80 miles into the trip - our highway neighbors were playing crazy charades with us - with rolling motions and even yelling to us out their windows. So we pulled over and inspected - and found nothing. We decided to pull off at the next exit - and still people were signaling to us - so something was definitely going on.

We pulled into a gravel parking lot in Chambersburg, PA and did a more thorough inspection.

This time we found that the two tires on the right side of the camper were touching... that probably explained the burning rubber smell ;0.

We got to work calling road side service and trying to triage the issue. Finally, Chris realized that the leaf spring on the suspension had snapped.

It just so happened that the parking lot we pulled into was owned by a hotel - so we checked in. One night at the hotel cost as much as our 5 days in Luray, but the hotel had a pool, a bathtub, a laundry room. So we made use of all these facilities, plus the super comfy beds.

There is a tractor /trailer repair tech who is working with us so hopefully we'll be up and running soon.